In an earlier post I spoke about how great candles are at helping me deal with anxiety or recover from a bad panic attack. I thought I would post about another amazing thing I’ve found that helps me cope when things feel like they are getting too much – bath bombs ! Up until a few months ago, I’ve always avoided bath bombs and shops such as Lush as I have extremely sensitive skin (like, super sensitive) so I figured I had to stay away. After a really bad day and a chat with a friend who suffers from panic attacks, I took the plunge and bought a bath bomb from Lush – and so began my love affair (a pretty expensive one at that). I thought I would mention a couple of my favourites which have been totally fine on my sensitive eczema prone skin, a couple of which have actually helped it too, and ones to avoid.


First up, The One That Started It All (any Friends fans ?) – Butterball (bottom left)

It’s pretty boring when compared with other bath bombs – don’t expect fireworks or rose petals everywhere – but it made my skin so incredibly soft and nourished. I could use this one every day and my skin would love me for it (wallet wouldn’t).

Next is Honey Bee (middle top row)

I think Honeybee is my second favourite. It smells delicious, not really like honey at all which is good because I can’t stand it, just a soft yummy scent. It does stain your bath if you leave it too long however so don’t hang about in there too long, I’ve learnt the hard way.

Big Blue (top right)

IMG_4049                               IMG_4050

See what I mean... ? :|
See what I mean… ? 😐

I was slightly horrified when I put this one in the bath only to see what looked like a bunch of leeches or twigs fall out of it (turns out it’s seaweed… duh) but it left my skin so, so soft within two minutes of getting in. The seaweed takes some getting used to though.

Avobath or ‘avabath’ as i like to call it…

As you’ve probably guessed it’s the green one. Not much to say about this one really. It smells quite lemony which is nice and refreshing but… it’s just green. That’s all.

Think Pink

This one was so pretty. It turns the bath a really hot pink and little bits of heart-shaped confetti appear as it fizzes which adds a little excitement. It smells really gorgeous too.

Blackberry (bottom right)


The best smelling bomb in the bunch. I can’t describe how good this one smells… it lingered on my skin for hours afterwards as well. I wish I could buy it bottled, it’s that good. Also there’s a little surprise at the end, but don’t get your hopes up 😐 the smell makes up for it.



This one was an Oxford Street exclusive, grr, but they got it in stock at my nearest Lush, yay ! It is incredible. The bath water goes such a deep, dark blue littered with sparkles of glitter – pictures don’t do it justice. Very beautiful, but not so good on the skin as you can probably imagine !

Sex Bomb


I love this one, in fact I just used my second one this evening. It smells lovely (that goes without saying with Lush bath bombs so I don’t know why I keep repeating myself) and turns the bath baby pink. The best part is that there is a soap flower that remains after the bath bomb has fizzled out which floats on top of the water and slowly disintegrates. Lovely. No comment as to whether it is aptly named.


AVOID if you have sensitive skin. It looked really pretty but it left my skin really quite sore which was a shame as I had had such good luck with the others. Definitely give it ago if you have normal skin, though, but avoid if you’re like me. No picture because that’s how much I hate it. Bad bath bomb, bad.

Yoga Bomb


I did like this one – look how pretty ! But I don’t think it’s suited to sensitive skin. It didn’t break me out as such but it left my skin a bit dry. It smells so good though and the fizzing of blue at the end was unexpected. Very relaxing and takes aaages to dissolve which is nice too, as usually they’re gone within 60 seconds.

Dragon’s Egg


I think the picture says it all. It. Is. Beautiful. Although, I was half hoping that a baby soap dragon would come out at the end. The gold glitter is nice though…. not as nice as a baby dragon but… whatever. Fine on my skin, smells yum and I think it has popping candy in it as well. Def get it if you can !

Frozen Let it goo… Let it gooo…


Do you want to have a baaath booomb ? This one is a lot like Intergalactic in that it turns the water a gorgeous blue with glitter but isn’t so intense and harsh on the skin. I like this one a lot and will buy it again the next time I’m at a Lush.

Ickle Baby Bot

I so wanted to like this, and I was positive when I saw the reviews and that it was made with babies and young children in mind. However, it really irritated my skin. I think it might have been the lavender, as I know it isn’t great for people with eczema. So sad as it’s so adorable (have a look on their website !)

The Experimenter


Finishing with the fizz that turned out to be the biggest flop, the experimenter. It looks so exciting, and it is, at first, however I don’t think Lush took into account the colour that would emerge as all the pink, blue and orange slowly mixed together – grey, the answer is grey. It feels like taking a bath in murky water which isn’t the nicest. I wouldn’t recommend this one, unless you like grey baths. No judgement.

I’ve got Fizzbanger and King of Skin left to try… does anyone have any recommendations of one’s they’ve loved ? Also, is anyone else excited for Christmas bath bombs ? 😀 😀 😀 😀 eeee



That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.



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