So… the first blog post… (tumble weed).  Like most people starting a blog for the first time, I find myself unsure of how to begin. I’ve never written anything like this before, although I have long admired (and envied) those who have the ability and courage to spill their inner most thoughts and feelings, no matter how trivial or intensely personal, onto pen and paper (well… you know what I mean).

There seems to be something so freeing, at least to me, in releasing any pent up anger, sadness or frustration, or perhaps simply expressing wonderful happiness, rather than bottling it all up inside to fester. This has long been my approach to life – keeping it all inside so as not to bother anybody around me. I am a serial liar and I have become an incredibly talented cover-up artist over the years (not a good thing, I know) but the last thing I want is for anyone to worry about me. I have started about 20 diaries over my 21 years, all of which lasted a mere few entries before I got bored, didn’t like my handwriting, or just wanted a new pretty notepad. Is there anything more exciting than a new notepad ? Fingers crossed somebody agrees with me on that one.

I never truly appreciated the value of writing. Of writing for me and for nobody else. Of not worrying if my punctuation isn’t exemplary, of not caring if I haven’t used the most sophisticated word in existence. Writing isn’t abut being read, it’s about the cathartic experience of writing. This being said, that is my aim with this blog. It will probably be that nobody ever reads any of this rambling except for me – and that’s ok. More than ok. I wanted to create my own little space in a corner of the internet where I can be me – the real me. Where I can express myself without fear of being judged or laughed at, where I don’t have to hide, and where I don’t have to use a pen (because let’s be honest, a keyboard lends itself a lot better to these sorts of uninterrupted, unedited and visceral expressions of emotion… it’s also a lot easier on the hands).

So, here goes nothing. The start of something positive and therapeutic, something I will stick to (that’s the plan anyway). That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.



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