Too many puns? Candles. Mmmm. I now realise that saying these words out loud makes me sound incredibly lame and sad, however there is no denying it. Candles are truly like catnip for me. Apart from being pretty and smelling lovely, that goes without saying, candles play an important role in my daily life. After a panicky episode (which is most days at the moment), the first thing I do when I get into my bedroom (after getting into my teddy bear dressing gown/pug onesie… yes I am 21) is to light my candles. There is something so calming about turning off all the lights, closing the curtains and seeing the flames flicker and shadows dance across the walls. I feel safe, comforted and relaxed. I don’t know about you, but after a panic attack I feel mentally, but also physically, exhausted. Sometimes it takes me a week to get back to feeling “normal” (whatever that means) and candles play an integral role in making me feel human again and not just a walking shell of a person. With Autumn and Winter now on the horizon (YAY !) I feel like burning candles is now officially acceptable and no longer frowned upon, so with no further ado, I thought I would write about some of my faves. Most of them are Yankee Candle, because they’re amazing, but I’ve also discovered a couple of other brands that smell simply divine. Please do let me know of any you like ! An anxiety sufferer can never, and I mean never, have too many candles.


First up is one of my favourites. It is a Stoneglow candle in the scent Leather and Cashmere. It was a bit of a splurge (I think it was about £15) but, my goodness gracious me, it smells incredible. When I saw the scent I was a little sceptical, after all, leather isn’t a particularly nice smell, and cashmere ? Since when does cashmere have a smell ? Anyway, point is, it smells luxurious, warm and homely. I’ve had it well over a month (burning every day) and haven’t hit the bottom yet. Definitely worth the money.

Next up are my cute little candle holders. I love getting small tealight candle holders, as I nearly always buy a small version of a candle before I cough up a lot of money on a large jar to make sure I like it. The little white ceramic house and copper (yes copper !) The World is Your Oyster candle holders are both from a shop called Dunelm and cost about £4 each. My other candle holder in this picture was £5 and from a shop called The Lemon Tree which is a cute kitchy shop located in my nearest town, although I’m pretty sure it’s a chain. Can you tell I’m a sucker for the copper trend ?


Next up is a bunch more smaller sized candles as I had never tried any of these scents before. Each Yankee Candle and Village Candle votive costs around £3, and I bought the mini jar on the left as it was reduced (£6 I believe). Ok, so, I may have got a little carried away candle shopping the day I bought all of these. I was feeling particularly christmassy (even though it was the end of August), so I got a few christmas themed scents. My fave has got to be Candy Cane Lane, which smells like mint chocolate chip. If any of you have ever had a Costa Coffee mint choc chip creamy cooler, just imagine that but warm and melty… can you smell it yet ? It smells edible, the same way that Laura Mercier body creams smell edible. It’s not though, just to clarify ! My other Christmas candle is called Christmas Pine which smells exactly as described – you know the smell that permeates your house once you’ve put up your tree ? For me, it’s the smell that truly defines Christmas. Next, I got Silver Birch. Again, I don’t know what a silver birch tree smells like. If the candle is anything to go by, it smells pretty amazing. It’s a hard one to describe – it smells earthy and woody. A bit like sandalwood. My final Yankee Candle is Moroccan Argan Oil.  Oh my god. This one is probably my favourite Yankee Candle, so much so that I have asked for the huuuuge jar for Christmas. It smells so warm and cosy, yet not sickeningly sweet or overwhelming. It’s like a cuddle in a jar. My last candle, rain, smells fresh and uplifting. It doesn’t smell like rain per se, but I’ve already used it all up, so that pretty much says it all.


Finally, my newest batch of Yankee Candles. Are you sick of candles yet ?! I got all of these candles at a discounted price, which is always pretty exciting as I love a bargain, and I will definitely be repurchasing some of them. Let me begin with my fave – you can’t see it as I started burning it as soon as I got home before I had time to take an artsy instagrammy picture, but it’s sitting in the votive holder on the right and is called Egyptian Sands. It. Is. Amazing. I think it’s my candle of the moment. It smells like sandalwood, which is a really musky smell, kind of like a man’s cologne (one of my favourite smells). It’s absolutely delicious and I’ve already run out so, another one for the christmas list. Next up is Fireside Treats, one that I have had before and loved. It smells like roasting marshmallows, sweet but not overly so, and very comforting. A great one for transitioning from Summer to Autumn. Pink Sands is another lovely one, it smells a little like Egyptian Sands but a touch sweeter. I haven’t started this one yet so I will let you know ! I also got a box of 12 little tealight candles in Beach Holiday which is a lovely refreshing scent that feels like a breath of fresh air (plus they were only £3.50 for all of them !). Saving the most beautiful one for last, my large two wick candle in Egyptian Cotton. Much akin to Fluffy Towels or Baby Powder, it smells like freshly cleaned laundry that’s just come out of the tumble drier. Is there a better smell ? It’s clean and fresh, plus it comes in a lovely two wick jar. What more is there to say ? I believe it cost £11 instead of £16, which is still pretty expensive for a candle in my opinion, but I know it’s going to last forever. Both of the candle holders are also from Yankee Candle and cost £3 each. These are super handy, I use them every day and they also look adorable.


Speaking of candle holders, I thought I would quickly mention these three, all from Yankee Candle. They look especially beautiful when i burn tealights in them as the coloured glass is slightly transparent, so gives off a lovely coloured glow. Also, the bunny one is just adorable. I mean… come on. It’s a bunny. Technically it’s for Easter but I use it year-round. Each cost around £4.

For those who have made it to the end, I do hope you found this helpful ! I can’t recommend strongly enough how helpful candles can be for easing stress. It might sound silly, but it’s definitely worth a try if you are struggling with anxiety and want to find a way to heal your mind and body after a bad day. Give it a go and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.



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